«To meet my friends, I go next door, not online.»

«A good and relaxed community spirit makes it easy to live and learn together.»

«Bringing the day to a close together.»

«Boredom is elsewhere.»

Boarding school

Living side by side with good friends. Eating, learning and playing together, there's nowhere better for this than the SAMD Boarding School.


The Boarding School has single and double rooms for boys and girls, recreation rooms, study rooms and sun terraces. Rooms to relax, to work or have fun in or for spending some quiet time.

In addition to the three main meals boarding school pupils can also obtain extra food from our dining hall up to three times a day.

Care and costs

Nobody is alone at the SAMD. The boarding school team take care of the children and young people day and night, help with conflicts, give comfort in distress and are available as a friendly voice to talk to.

The costs for the school and the boarding school per school year are:

Single Room:      CHF 41,155

Double Room:   CHF 36,535

Educational Advancement

Regulated study times, close mentoring and intensive support. All the young people in the boarding school benefit from the specified and supervised study periods. The boarding school team help in the organization and supervise the learning process with the teaching staff always on hand to answer questions.


There is no room for boredom at the SAMD. In addition to the many activities available at the school, Davos also has many possibilities to offer. Our fitness room, billiards room, table tennis room, jazz cellar, ice rink, tennis court and the computer room are also always accessible.



Health is our top priority. Our registered nurse, together with the boarding school team, takes care of the well-being of our boarding school residents round the clock. In the event of more serious illnesses, our school doctor or school psychologist will be called.


Children with an allergy are also in the best possible hands at the SAMD. The SAMD is the only school across the whole of Switzerland authorized to display the quality seal of the Swiss Allergy Centre. Our close cooperation with the Hochgebirgsklinik, our allergen-free cooking and premises and of course the unique climate in Davos have enabled us to achieve this accolade and this unique offering.