«I am important here.»

«We interact as equals.»

«Learning amongst the alpine peaks.»

The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule

More substance than appearance. We embody what we say and we develop into what we want to be.


The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos (SAMD), a foundation of the municipality of Davos, is the High School for the Davos area, the Upper Prättigau region and the Albula Valley. The school also has a boarding school in which pupils from both Switzerland and abroad form a learning and living community.​​​​​​​

Around 220 pupils are educated at the High School or at the Intermediate Business School at the SAMD where they study for the Swiss vocational school-leaving certificate (Berufsmaturität) and the Swiss Certificate of Business Proficiency (EFZ). The Matura and the vocational school-leaving examinations are recognised by the Swiss government and are supervised by our teaching staff.


The Matura certificate allows the holder to attend any faculty at any Swiss university or Swiss Federal Institute of Technology without having to sit an examination and the Vocational Matura Certificate allows the holder to attend any technical college in Switzerland


The SAMD is located in the heart of Davos, the highest town in Europe (1560 meters above sea-level). As well as a holistic, high-quality education, pupils at the SAMD benefit from the comprehensive sports, culture and leisure activities on offer at the world-famous vacation destination.


We have developed the mission of the SAMD together with the pupils, parents, staff and the school and foundation board.

On 5 April 2019 the foundation board approved the new mission of the SAMD. Everything and everyone at the SAMD are committed to these values and objectives.


  • The SAMD is well-known throughout Switzerland as a leading boarding school.

    Locally based yet with an international focus – we proudly embody our SAMD culture with passion, friendship and fun.


  • In a strong community, characterized by trust and solidarity, the SAMD educates young people to become responsible and critical-thinking individuals who are very well equipped for university study or the professional world.


  • At the SAMD we interact without bias, with respect and politely. We consider each other and look after each other.
  • Care is taken at the SAMD to value everyone as an individual and that all pupils receive reliable support and mentoring.
  • We all represent the SAMD and assume responsibility for it. The passionate commitment of everyone leads to a strong identification with the SAMD.

School and Foundation Board

  • Dr. Patrik Bergamin, Davos (President)*
  • Dr. med. Christian Buol, Davos (Vice-President)*
  • Hansjürg Christoffel, Davos *
  • Dr. Rolf Dörig, Küsnacht
  • Valérie Favre Accola, Davos *
  • Dr. Peter Bebi, Davos *
  • Bruno W. Claus, Chur
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gruber, Zürich
  • Erwin Hofer, Kriens
  • Robin Hull, Zürich
  • Ralph Krueger, Wollerau/Buffalo
  • Dr. Urs Saxer, St. Gallen
  • Daniel Siegenthaler, Aarau
  • Patrick Strössler, Wabern
Members with * also form the school board