«Football night, Valentine’s Day … - we help design them.»

«The SAMD is our school.»

Pupil Representation

Co-shaping, introducing ideas, assuming responsibility, the Pupils’ Organization and the Boarding School Council proactively shape the daily life of the school and the boarding school.


The chair of the pupils’ organisation is determined by the elected class spokespeople. The PO is the voice of the pupils to the school management and lays on a range of events during the school year (football night, roses on Valentine’s day, unihockey night etc.).

Boarding School Council

The Boarding School Council is composed of representatives of the boarding school pupils, the boarding school mentor and the boarding school director. Within this body the boarding school pupils can influence daily life in the boarding school and be involved in many decisions.

SAMD Clothing

The PO and the Boarding School Council have jointly launched a design competition. This resulted in an enhanced SAMD logo that now adorns an attractive hoodie that can be purchased.