«There are virtually no limits to my ideas – I can now even work on a 3D-Printer.»

«I am already assuming responsibility – I don’t have to wait until I start my career.»

SAMDplus Talent Development Program

For everyone who wants – and can do – more. There are some young people who are already thinking far outside the content of the school curriculum. Our SAMDplus Program also offers the appropriate challenge for such pupils.

Our Offer

SAMDplus junior from Class 7 to 9.

Under the direction of a specialist, the young people on the Program develop an individual research project from their own area of interest.

SAMDplus senior from Class 10 to 12.

Almost like a second course of study the participants in this Program study extra subjects, complete internships and study weeks and take part in competitions. Upon the successful completion, an individual certificate of course beckons.


Interested pupils apply in person for the SAMDplus Program. A very good school performance is not the only criterion for admission.

Concept SAMDplus