«The trust of parents is our greatest asset.»

«Only together can we steer the SAMD through the rapids.»

Parental Council

Contact point, support, advice and much more. Close cooperation with parents is a crucial success-factor for our boarding school.

Members of the Parental Council

Parents of the boarding pupils:

  • Susanne Raeburn, Langnau a. Albis, E-Mail
  • Chantal Roulet Huber, Walchwil, E-Mail
  • Martin Coninx, Männedorf, E-Mail


Eltern der externen Schülerinnen und Schüler:

  • Claudia Christen Kühnis, Davos, E-Mail
  • Michael Redies, Davos, E-Mail
  • Aurelia Schmid, Davos, E-Mail