«Informal school, comprehensive provision»

Gymnasium – High School

Every year we lose our best and we are proud of it. Not only because they have their Matura certificate in their pocket, but also because, aware of their sense of responsibility as critical-thinking personalities, they will be shaping the world of tomorrow.


Pupils from outside the canton may be admitted at any time and must take an internal school examination based on their school progression to date.

Pupils from the canton may enter the High School after passing the cantonal admission examination in Classes 7 and 9.

Our offer

We combine the benefits of an informal school with a wide educational offering.

Core Subjects: Latin,  Physics and Applied Mathematicsk, Biology/Chemistry, Economics and Law

Supplementary Subjects: Geography, Physical Education, Music, Art, IT

Bilingual Matura: The Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule offers its pupils the possibility of achieving a bilingual Matura in accordance with the MAR Matura Regulations. The subjects taught in English are the basic subjects of History and Mathematics. The Matura Paper is created and presented in English. Instruction lasts for three years from the 4th Class to the Matura examination.

Optional Subjects: Psychology, Philosophy, Astronomy, Chess, Choir, Drama, Sports teams...(​​​​​​also see here).