What is SAMDprimar?

Our education programme SAMDprimar intensively prepares primary-school pupils from the fifth and sixth classes for the first class of our long-term high school within small groups. SAMDprimar is an individualised, targeted and goal-orientated education. This programme prepares the pupils for the academic challenges that they will face at high school in a very individualised manner without any pressure. The close support provided within the boarding school environment offers the very best conditions for effective learning. And the attractive range of activities available to pupils in their free time offers them the perfect balance to everyday school life. SAMDprimar is a programme that has been recognised by the Canton.

Overview of SAMDprimar

  • Primary-school pupils can join from the fifth and sixth class
  • No entrance exam required
  • Work within small groups
  • Individual care and support
  • Guided learning
  • Qualified and experienced teachers
  • Special classes such as chess training or programming
  • Attractive range of sporting and leisure activities
  • Close support within boarding school environment