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The SAMD combines a high school, intermediate business and a boarding school all under one roof. 240 pupils receive a comprehensive and in-depth education. We are recognized and authorized by the Swiss government to have the Swiss school leaving examinations known as the Maturitätsprüfungen sat in our school and for our teaching staff to supervise the examinations.

Since the lessons are conducted in German, non-German native speaking applicants are required to provide an internationally acknowledged language certificate equal to the B1 level.

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SAMD boarding school

The boarding school at SAMD offers pupils a unique learning and living community under one roof. Girls and boys live separately either in their own room or two pupils sharing a room. We do everything to ensure that the pu-pils feel safe and at home within the boarding school community. Besides clear rules, this also requires a willingness to be tolerant and respectful of others. We cater to each pupil’s individual needs and we respect the right of each pupil to privacy. The boarding school also offers its young residents a person they can approach and talk to at any time of day or night. These people have well-founded pedagogical knowledge, but also plenty of life experience and compassion for young people and the issues they face.

In the boarding school at SAMD, we pursue a holistic approach to education that incorporates every single pupil and their individual abilities. Tolerance, respect and responsibility are at the core of this. By living these values on a daily basis, we accompany the pupils on their path to achieving the Matura, as well as give them important tools for their future development as a result of their experiences within the boarding school community.


We ensure that our pupils get a balanced but tasty diet. Salad and vegetables are always available as part of the meals. Our team in the kitchen is well-known and loved for the delicious and varied meals that it offers. We also take any special dietary requirement of pupils into consideration. In medical matters, we closely consult with the school doctor and the parents when it comes to caring for ill pupils, which includes visits to the doctor and the administration of medicines.

Community and Sports

In the boarding school, we live together like a big family. The feasance of simple duties and tasks in the communal life promotes the integration into the community and the sense of responsibility.

Davos offers a very healthy Alpine-mountain climate and a corresponding wide variety of leisure-time activities. Both are important for a healthy balance to everyday school life. This is why we put great importance on the fact that each pupil regularly pursues a hobby and we actively support them in this.

Guiding Principle

SAMD is a learning and living environment where self-responsibility, motivation and consideration play an important role. Mutual respect and support are central to integration into the community. With young people, this process does not always run smoothly. Therefore, disagreements must be openly discussed and resolved fairly. By using discussion, counselling and prevention measures, we have created an atmosphere of tolerance where there is a place for everyone. This places high demands on our teaching body. Therefore we select our professionals with great care.

Study Hour

Group Study: For grades 7 – 9, a supervised ’study hour’ (45 minutes) in a group of up to 12 students is scheduled twice a day. Students work at their designated desks in a study room. Tutors and boarding school staff are available to provide homework control, exam preparation as well as subject-specific support.

Room Study: Starting in grade 10, ‘study hour’ is scheduled from 19h – 20.30h in the students’ individual rooms. Boarding school staff supervises this study period and keeps a record of exam results.

There are various ways to achieve your goals. It’s important that everyone recognizes what their own contribution to success is. We therefore expect every individual to fully immerse in the school community to play their part. On the one hand this means that we cater to the individual needs of each pupil and support them wherever and however possible in their personal development. On the other hand, we demand from the pupils that they demonstrate the required willingness to do the work required. Young people need clear objectives and rules to which they can apply themselves. Both can be found at SAMD in a proven, structured environment.


Tuition and board and lodgings fees per student and year (not including VAT):

  • Double Room:CHF 35,000/p.a.*
  • Single Room:CHF 39,500/p.a.*

*Fees may be adjusted to inflation at the beginning of the school year.

Tuition and board and lodgings fees include:

Curriculum-based class tuition, regular Physical Education classes, optional courses (partly at extra cost), full board, lodgings, in-house medical care, access to sports and leisure facilities (weights room at extra cost).

Additional costs:

School books and materials, private lessons and special courses (e.g. German for non-native speakers), examination fees, costs for special events (e.g. project weeks, excursions), sports tickets, medical treatment; in some cases: optional courses, use of media library and weights room.


SAMD (Schweizerische Alpine Mittelschule Davos) grew out of the German school sanatorium “Fridericianum”, which was established in 1878. Eventually, the school was owned by the German Reich and after intensive and time-consuming negotiations the municipality of Davos ultimately acquired it. On 23 September 1945, the purchase of the property and the establishment of the “Swiss Alpine Secondary School Davos” as a foundation of the municipality of Davos were overwhelmingly approved by popular vote. In the following years, SAMD turned into a modern, high-standard secondary school, which includes an academic high school, a vocational commercial college and a boarding school. SAMD is particularly grateful to the long-term President of the School Council/Board of Trustees, former Landammann Dr. Christian Jost, who was instrumental in shaping SAMD’s culture for over 30 years. With a first-class and well connected School Council/Board of Trustees and widely supported in the region, SAMD is now ready for the challenges that lie ahead.

Project Weeks

In addition to regular classes, SAMD offers individual project days, hiking tours, special field trips and entire project weeks. These have been a highlight of the school year for a long time and an unforgettable experience for the students.

Subject, destination and programme are chosen by the responsible teacher and worked out jointly with the students, before the project is presented to the school administration. The latter reserves the right to reject projects that are inadequately prepared or without sufficient substance or they may be returned to the class for revision.

While the project days and weeks of the first to the fifth level involve certain topics that have been discussed in class, the project weeks of the sixth level are intended to be cultural travel for purposes of education in the broader sense and to expand the students’ horizon.

Teachers and School Board

The conduct of the school and the aggregate responsibility reside in the school management which is composed as follows: Severin Gerber (Principal), Barbara Hofmänner and Markus Schmid (Vice Principals), Gundolf Bauer (Boarding School Director) and Georg Kühnis (Secretary). The school and foundation board form the supervisory body.

School and Foundation Board

  • Prof. Dr. Erich Schneider, Davos (President)
  • Dr. Patrik Bergamin, Davos (Vice President)
  • Dr. med. Christian Buol, Davos
  • Dr. Rolf Dörig, Küsnacht
  • Robin Hull, Zurich
  • Silvia Giovanoli Hehli, Davos
  • Prof. Dr. Nicolas Gruber, Zurich
  • Ralph Krueger, Wollerau/Edmonton
  • Dr. Urs Saxer, Schaffhausen
  • Daniel Siegenthaler, Aarau
  • Valérie Favre Accola, Davos

The members resident in Davos also form the school board.

School Management

Gerber Severin_Rektor_Latein und Geschichte.JPG

Severin Gerber

Principal, Latin and History


Bauer Gundolf_Internatsleiter_Musik.JPG

Gundolf Bauer

Boarding School Director and Music


Kühnis Georg_Verwalter.jpg

Georg Kühnis



Hofmänner-Caflisch Barbara_Mathematik.JPG

Barbara Hofmänner

Vice Principal, Mathematics

Schmid Markus_Prorektor_Sport.JPG

Markus Schmid

Vice Principal and Physical education



Allioth Ladina_Geografie.JPG

Ladina Allioth


Bamert Silvio_Sport.JPG

Silvio Bamert

Physical education and Geography

Behne Lutz_Mathematik.JPG

Lutz Behne


Furter Simone_Sport.JPG

Simone Furter

Physical education

Giudicetti Gian-Paolo_Italienisch und Französisch.JPG

Dr. Gian-Paolo Giudicetti

Italian and French

Held Beat_Deutsch und Theater.JPG

Beat Held

German and Drama

Khoroshev Dmitriy_Dr._Chemie.JPG

Dr. Dmitriy Khoroshev


Manske Silke_Religion und Ethik.JPG

Silke Manske

Religion and Ethics

Müller Andrea_Bildnerisches Gestalten.JPG

Andrea Müller


Schlawitz Marco_Musik.JPG

Marco Schlawitz


Schornbaum Eva_Biologie und Chemie_Projektleitung SAMDplus und Austauschprogramm Südafrika.JPG

Eva Schornbaum

Biology, Chemistry and Project leadership SAMDplus

van der Graaff André_Physik.JPG

André van der Graaff


Ambühl-Losa Daniela_Italienisch.JPG

Daniela Ambühl-Losa


Bauer Gundolf_Internatsleiter_Musik.JPG

Gundolf Bauer

Boarding School Director and Music

Bergamin Ivan_Dr._Wirtschaftsfächer.JPG

Dr. Ivan Bergamin


Gerber Severin_Rektor_Latein und Geschichte.JPG

Severin Gerber

Principal, Latin and History

Hofmänner-Caflisch Barbara_Mathematik.JPG

Barbara Hofmänner-Caflisch

Vice principal, Mathematics

Nyffeler Simone_Bildnerisches Gestalten.JPG

Simone Nyffeler


Schmid Markus_Prorektor_Sport.JPG

Markus Schmid

Vice Principal and Physical education

Sutterlüty Pia_Französisch.JPG

Pia Sutterlüty


Züger Stefanie_Primarschule.JPG

Stefanie Züger

Primary school

Bettina Zerr

History and German